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Things You Need To Know About Box Trailers in Melbourne

10x5 Tandem Axle Box Trailer for Sale Melbourne Victoria

Box trailers are the most basic and common kind of trailers. They can be as simple as a platform with two wheels and as complicated as a fully functional kitchen. If you regularly transport something with trailers, chances are that you are using box trailers in Melbourne.

The basic box trailer has one axel and is called the tilt type box trailer. It has small side panels to keep the contents from sliding out. The sides of the box trailer can increase to resemble a oversized box – closed from all sides and capable of being locked. There are specialized versions of box trailers, like the tradesman trailer. It is quite convenient to acquire box trailers in Melbourne.
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There are some additions that you should consider in a box trailer. Some models will have these features as standard fittings while others will have them as an added option.

A swing jockey is almost a requirement in any box trailer in Melbourne. These small wheels are attached near the towing hook. They help in keeping the trailer balanced when it is unhooked form the pulling vehicle. In a tilt type box trailer, jockey wheels are the only balancing option.
It is advisable to have a spare wheel for your box trailer. Most seasoned manufacturers of box trailers in Melbourne will automatically add this to your trailer. The spare wheel is normally attached so that it does not take any space away from the box trailer storage area.
Toolboxes make nifty little feature on any box trailer in Melbourne. You can keep the tools you need for maintaining the box trailer and also store some small spare parts. When you take the trailer somewhere, you do not have to worry about packing any extra tools. The toolboxes are mounted such that you can access them from outside.

If you are loading or unloading things that are difficult to handle, you may consider adding a ramp to your box container. The manufacturer can design the ramp so that it slides under the storage area without disturbing the load on the box trailer. Ramps are a common sight on box trailers in Melbourne.

Winches are extremely useful. They can pull a heavy load in a constant and smooth manner. Couple this up with ramps and you can pull almost anything onto the floor of your box trailer easily. Winches can assist you in many other ways. They are mounted on some vehicles and most box trailers in Melbourne.

You can also add a series of attachment and change the function of the box trailer within a minute. Mount a cage on top and you can use it as a stock and crate trailer. Secure some channels to the floor and you have a bike transporter. You can protect your cargo by simply covering the top with a canvas and securing it with the provided lashing points. This will keep curious people away from your box trailer in Melbourne.

Box trailers are inexpensive and easy to acquire. They are just as easy to sell. There is very little maintenance required for most box trailers in Melbourne. If you need to transport things frequently, seriously opt for a box trailer in Melbourne.

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