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Fully enclosed furniture trailer for sale melbourne8x5 Single Axle Van Cargo Trailer with Brakes and Drop Down Ramps for Sale in Melbourne Victoria
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Fully Enclosed Van Cargo Trailer For Sale

Before you purchase a fully enclosed van cargo trailer for sale, consider the different features it needs to be functional. Regarding requirements, you need to consider whether you need a single axle van trailer or a double axle van trailer. A single axle van trailer will offer you 750KG GVM to 1400KG GVM. However, a double axle (4 wheels) van trailer would offer 1990KG GVM to 4500 KG GVM. Proper maintenance is key for maintaining the integrity of the trailer. A screwless trailer (one that is not bolted together and, more specifically, the enclosed top is to be welded on the trailer) has fewer parts to replace, which makes them easier to sell and wrap in graphics. They also make repairs much easier.

Special Features

If you’re looking for a fully enclosed van cargo trailer for sale, consider Trailer & Trailers. Our Van / Cargo trailers are known for their sleek, aerodynamic designs. Choose from different sizes, styles, and price ranges. These van trailers include fully welded frames, water resistance, checker plate floor, lockable, optional drop ramps, etc.

versatile utility trailer

When you need to haul your load with protection from water and dust, you might need a versatile utility trailer. Our 8×5 Van trailer with 1400 KG GVM and drop ramp utility trailer is perfect for that purpose. Its professional-grade finish and angled frame make it ideal for hauling furniture, luggage, ATVs and zero-turn mowers. If you’re unsure how to use a utility trailer, you can visit our warehouse at 33 Trawalla Avenue Thomastown VIC 3074 for a demo and to check the build quality of our trailers for sale in Melbourne, Victoria. For any technical queries, you can get in touch with our Trailer Expert at 03 9464 3100